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Fidelity Diagnostics- Preventive Health Checks

Degrading ecological conditions coupled with ever stressful economic situations has today their toll on our health. With growing health risks, it is essential that we take preventive measures in order to avoid major health complications.

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Referring Doctor's Testimonials

I have been referring my patients to Fidelity Diagnostic over the years, the faculty is so pleasant & the staff always make my patients feel comfortable. Feeling at ease for the patient is so important & I really like how they take their time & I never feel like they are in a hurry. The technicians have always been really caring & professional. It’s a good feeling knowing that I am referring my patients to a facility that doesn’t feel so clinical, the process is easy & they take great care of their patients.

Everyone at Fidelity Diagnostic is very kind, informative & helpful. All examinations & investigations are done in a timely manner. The technicians are great, very gentle & make my patients very comfortable. Great explanations are given of what the machines & procedures accomplish. Thank you all at Fidelity Diagnostics.

I have continued to refer my patients to Fidelity Diagnostics for about 20 months because everyone, beginning with the receptionist & ending with the radiologist, are professional, caring people. My patients have come back telling me that they have experienced at other centers where the caregivers were more interested in finishing “the Job” than they were concerned about my patients. The atmosphere at the Diagnosed Centre is always pleasant & calming. I appreciate the fact that the radiologist report is available as soon as the test is completed. I trust the staff & doctors at Fidelity Diagnostics & that is an awesome feeling for my patients.

The reasonable price, the free ambulance service, the tidiness of center, the professionals prompt service delivery, all of these have great power to strengthen those who have come with patients. I have absolutely no doubt that the centers of Fidelity Diagnostics will grow larger in number where by many people will find help.

"Fidelity Diagnostics extremely professional service is always excellent from the moment patient is scheduled to the moment the patients reports come back. The report comes back quickly and always the scan looks great that it makes easy to explain to patients and easy for patient to understand. Everyone in office is professional. You have a very convenient service with a great same day appointment time and convenient locations."

Dr Rahul Zanjurne D. Ortho. DNB Ortho, MNAMS Ortho Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Jayprakash Rathi MD (Med) Cardiologist, Diabetologist & Consulting Physician Panel Consultant- Ruby, Jehangir, Poona Hospital
Dr Amit Majumdar MD (Medicine)
Dr. Rajendra Latkar M. S. Ortho Latkar Hospial.
Dr. Shirish Medhekar M S Ortho Medhekar Hospital.