Patient Resources

Our Process

  • 1

    Visit to our Centre

    Visit our centre, Registration and billing

    You can call our reception desk at your preferred location to pick an appointment date and time. We will let you know the cost and any special instructions. Registration and billing is done.

  • 2

    Investigation Process

    Investigation (MRI/CT/Others) done by our skilled technical team.

    We will go over screening questions for your prescribed investigation. (MRI / CT / Others) Our skilled technicians will review your doctors requisition and start scan.

  • 3

    Reporting By Radiologist

    Reporting done by our skilled and experienced team of radiologists

    Once you have had your scan, a Radiologist from our expert team will analyze all of the images and write a report.

  • 4

    Report on your Mobile App

    Once report is ready, you will receive it on our mobile app.

    The report is usually made available online and on app within one working day of the scan.

    To download App, click here.