Why Choose Us

6 Reasons to choose Fidelity

  • 1


    • 6+ years of exceptional patient care
    • 4000+ referring doctors
    • 150k+ patients
    • 75k+ MRI Studies done
    • 25k+ CT Scans done
  • 2

    Medical Team

    • Highly qualified, research oriented and experienced medical doctors.
    • Expert MRI and CT technicians with specialized training and certification.
    • Evidence-based approach to all diagnostic and screening services
  • 3


    • Fidelity Diagnostics is the 1st chain of Diagnostic Centers in India to get prestigious NABH accreditation.
    • Comprehensive scanning protocols result in outstanding image quality.
    • Committed to superior customer service – patients are our #1 priority.
    • Friendly, knowledgeable staff—always available to answer your questions.
  • 4


    • State-of-the-art equipments coupled with leading edge post-scan imaging analysis.
    • The ability to choose the most appropriate imaging technology to answer the diagnostic question at hand.
  • 5


    • Appointments and results within two working days
    • Radiologists available for physician consults or verbal reports
  • 6

    Screening Studies

    • MRI Whole spine screening
    • MRI Brain Screening
    • Sono mammography (screening for breast cancer)
    • Carotid Doppler (screening for risk of stroke)
    • Spirometry (screening for lung damage)